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Andrew Cherwenka

Head of eCommerce


Andrew Cherwenka, Co-Founder/CEO, Authintic Authintic is an analytics technology firm with offices in New York City and Toronto that uses personalization technology to help retailers increase sales from site and social data. Prior to starting Authintic, Cherwenka built the global sales force for Syncapse, a social technology provider, and managed...Click here for more

Speaking at: Lunch & Learn Roundtables

Donald Chesnut

Chief Experience Officer


As the global lead for SapientNitro’s Experience Design practice, Donald Chesnut applies customer-centered thinking to a wide-variety of business problems, from communications to commerce, spanning content, community and digital service design. His work requires leading a broad range of team members, including strategists, designers, information architects, content strategists, writers, developers...Click here for more

Speaking at: Storyscaping Across Physical and Digital Experiences

Cathy Collier


OMD Canada

As CEO of OMD Canada, Cathy ensures her teams craft communication solutions influenced by consumer behaviour. During her two-decade tenure at Cossette Media, she worked with clients such as Nike, Coca-Cola and Bell. Her leadership earned the agency three gold Media Lions and numerous other awards. While Cathy has an...Click here for more

Speaking at: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Trevor Guthrie

East Coast Director

OMD Ignition Factory

Trevor Guthrie was promoted to lead OMD’s Ignition Factory division on the east coast in 2011 after serving in various digital, strategy and creative roles at the media agency. With a background in creativity and digital, he leads a team focused on reinventing media - both traditional and new –...Click here for more

Speaking at: Incubating Innovation: The New Media Agency Mandate

Kevin Keane

Co Founder & CEO


Kevin Keane is the co-founder of Brainsights, a neuromarketing start-up that uses brain measurement tech to help businesses understand how audiences are responding to content such as ads and programming. Previously, he founded the Canadian arm of MediaCom Business Science, where he worked with the media agency's clients such as...Click here for more

Speaking at: Augmented Creativity; Lunch & Learn Roundtables

Grant McCracken

Anthropologist & Author

Grant McCracken holds a PhD from the University of Chicago in cultural anthropology. He is the author of Culture and Consumption, Culture and Consumption II, Plenitude, Big Hair, The Long Interview, Flock and Flow, Transformations, and Chief Culture Officer. He has been the director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture...Click here for more

Speaking at: What’s in a Meme? #newmediarealitycheck

Brennan McEachran

CEO & Founder


Brennan McEachran founded the tech start-up HitSend during his second year as a commerce student at Ryerson University. Looking for ways to make his school a better place he created Soapbox, a community crowdsourcing tool that helps online communities gather, prioritize and execute ideas. It is now used by Ryerson,...Click here for more

Speaking at: Crowdsourcing: Building Communities Around Ideas; Lunch & Learn Roundtables

Steve Mykolyn



In the 11 years since Steve Mykolyn joined TAXI as Creative Director of Interactive and Design, he has focused on developing the agency’s integration model in anticipation of massive changes to the communications industry. Today, TAXI is recognized globally for its ability to seamlessly combine advertising, interactive and design...Click here for more

Speaking at: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Will Pate

Product Manager

Xtreme Labs

Will Pate loves building products and experiences that delight. As a product manager for Toronto-based firm Xtreme Labs, he negotiates between business people, technologists, designers and marketers to create unique mobile solutions for clients through integration of strategy, partnerships, behavioural science, user experience, and attention to detail. Pate excels at solving...Click here for more

Speaking at: Lunch & Learn Roundtables

PJ Pereira

Chief Creative Officer & Co Founder

Pereira & O'Dell

PJ Pereira started his career as a programmer at age 13 in his native Brazil, only to find a home in advertising nine years later when he helped DM9DDB become Agency of the Year two years in a row. He then co-founded the digital agency AgênciaClick, which won a Cyber...Click here for more

Speaking at: What If Advertising Were Invented Today?

Nathan Shedroff

Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy

California College of the Arts

Nathan Shedroff is the chair of the California College of Arts’ MBA in Design Strategy Program, which melds the unique principles that design offers business strategy with a vision of the future of business as sustainable, meaningful, and truly innovative — as well as profitable. He is one the pioneers...Click here for more

Speaking at: Make It So: Learning From Sci-fi Interfaces

Jaime Woo

Author, Meet Grindr

Jaime Woo is a writer, game designer and the co-founder/director of Toronto-based festival Gamercamp. He is also the author of Meet Grindr: How One App Changed The Way We Connect, a book about design principles and hook-up apps, and the creator of Gargoyles, a physical game that was shown at...Click here for more

Speaking at: Cruising for Connections: What Brands Can Learn From Dating Apps